Volunteer Firefighter Positions

Status: Open
Position Title: Volunteer Firefighter Positions


The City of Clinton is seeking applications for volunteer firefighters positions.

Purpose of position: This is a non-exempt position performing fire suppression, prevention, life safety duties, medical assists and other duties as assigned.

Summary of Essential Duties: Performs firefighting duties such as combating, extinguishing and preventing fires, and answering emergency calls with an engine, ladder, ambulance or miscellaneous vehicles. Lays and connects hoses, direct water onto burning structures, raises and climbs ladders, uses other firefighting techniques such as ventilating burning buildings (chopping holes in floors or roofs), administers first aid to injured persons, performs salvage operations, and inspects assigned district to assure knowledge of access, fire hazards, etc., responds and performs emergency medical assistance to level of certified training.

Trains for and participates in the protection of life and property by firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical activities. Participates in fire drills and attends training classes in firefighting, first aid and other related subjects. Handles routine custodial maintenance of the Fire Department equipment, apparatus and quarters.

Applicants will be required to participate and pass a fire dept. physical agility test as well as multiple interviews with officers as well as the fire chief.

If the selected applicant will be required to start firefighter 1 on September 19th-October 12th. Firefighter 1 will consist of online classroom portions with approximately 4 Saturdays for skills and live burn.

Applicants will be required to attend an emergency medical responder class within one year of being hired.

Applicants will be required to make a minimum of 35% of all toned callbacks and all fire training and monthly fire meetings. Fire meetings are usually the last Monday of each month.

Applicants need to pick up an application packet at city hall in the human resources office. Once the application is returned to the city hall you will be called to confirm your participation in the physical agility test. Following successful completion of a physical agility test, you will be scheduled for interviews with the captains of each shift. There will be a practice physical agility test on July 20th.

  • Applications are due by July 19th
  • Physical Agility Test August 10th
  • Interviews August 19th-23rd
  • September 20th FF1 begins
  • October 12th Live burn in Elk City

Helpful Numbers

  • City Hall: 580-323-0217
  • Chamber of Commerce: 580-323-2222
  • Frisco Conference Center: 580-323-7874
  • Utilities: 580-323-0217
  • Public Works: 580-323-1678
  • Police: 580-323-2323
  • Fire: 580-323-2298